Picking Through The Bones

Meet the true symbol of modern America

When Covid-19 came about (we’ll discuss how that might have really happened some other time) it became clear to any of us with the consciousness of a turnip or better that there was a lot more going on than we were being told. Once the lockdowns came about, that became even more abundantly clear. Many used the debacle as an excuse to impose preferred policy positions. Green energy policies were one of many such beneficiaries. Then, there is the overall economic impact.

Many businesses are failing and many others, bigger business and corporations, are waiting in the wings, ready to swoop down and swallow them up. Mostly small or mid-sized businesses, which many Democrat and RINO politicians like to identify as “non-essential”- hair salons, bowling alleys, nightclubs, and many restaurants. Everybody has taken a hit, some more than others. It has eased up to some extent- after the Deep State and their media whores finally succeeded in getting rid of President Trump, another reason for this unmitigated scam.

Many targeted businesses held on tenaciously, probably due at least in part to the preeminence of Amazon. But many became the targets of hedge funds utilizing the short-selling of stocks. Which, without going into too much detail, works something like this-

A trader borrows stock from a trading company in the hope the stock loses value. When he pays the stock back to the company at the end of the agreed to period, he makes a profit. So if he borrowed the stock at twenty dollars per share and it drops to ten dollars, he makes a ten dollar per share profit. The company and it’s general clientele still make a profit since the stock is part of a fund that includes other, more profitable stocks. Plus, the failed company might now be purchased at fire-sale prices, possibly by the hedge fund or a client.

But, what if for some reason the stock retains it’s value? Well, then the short-seller simply gives back the stock with maybe a small commission. But if the stock happens to go up in value, say from twenty dollars to fifty, then he pays back the stock, plus the thirty dollar profit. In other words, he kind of fucked himself. Notice here how the hedge fund almost never loses.

Now, imagine a bunch of hedge funds working in conjunction, each one short-selling the same stocks, and you can see the potential for mischief. So much of this would cause such company stocks to collapse by default, of course. Well, some Redditors got together on the u/WallStreetBets subreddit and decided these businesses need an infusion of cash in order to survive. They were temporarily banned on Discord (and still on Reddit the last I heard) due to alleged “hate-speech” violations lol.

AMC Entertainment has been hard hit by the drop in movie attendance over the last year so they were an obvious hedge fund target but one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Reddit driven stock surge, despite (or maybe because) some have rumored they are owned and/or controlled by the Chinese government.

GameStop is a little harder to comprehend, since it doesn’t seem to me like they would be so dependent on the need for people to get out of their houses. If anything, you would think they might even tend to benefit from lock-downs. But whatever. Maybe the company hasn’t been run that well, which you should keep in mind going into this, if you do.

Robinhood Trading is an example of a trading company that has gotten too close to the vultures, who are crying foul. Robinhood is selling the stock to their customers, who are buying for the long-term. At least long enough to do significant damage to the short-sellers and the hedge funds. This left many of the short-sellers holding their dicks until a temporary, manipulated crash of the stock values probably enabled many of them to divest in the nick of time before the stock prices went back up. Still, hedge fund managers, their clients, various Wall Street regulators and many of their political cronies are up in arms. Some are even calling the Reddit traders “terrorists” and threatening legal sanctions. Yeah, where have we heard this before, right?

If you get close to a vulture, they throw up on you. And these buzzards are really stinking things up. If you do decide to get in the game, bear in mind that it might get even messier.

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