All We Care About Here

People get the kind of government they deserve and it’s not necessarily the kind they want. Even when that happens, it’s probably pretty rare and never lasts very long. So what do we want most of all? Well, greedy assholes that we are, we want a great economy with upward mobility for all. We want a strong middle-class. We want wealth. We want extravagance. Oh yes, we do. We want our choice of ten different styles of Doritos or more.

We want to be entertained. Netflix. Disney+. We want our porn. We want our music and our idols. And we want to think they are just like us. Our politicians too. They aren’t, but they try to make us think they are. Most of them literally despise us. I wouldn’t blame them for that if they were any better but they are not. They are all, like most of us, pieces of shit. Only they are worse.

That’s exactly why our country has gone to hell. And we are dragging the world down with us. Not because there is anything wrong with having a great, growing economy and a strong middle class with riches and wealth. There is not. The problem comes about when those things become the priority. We become corrupt and demand our political leaders keep the good times rolling. Well, the fact that we think of these people as our “leaders” might well be the first problem, one they have been only too happy to encourage. They have built up this facade and have trashed the constitution beginning almost before the ink ever dried on the document.

Yes, many of our Founding Fathers were also assholes.

The irony? If we adhered to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the economy would be fine. In the long run, it would even be generally better and in a much more consistent way. Additionally, no one’s legitimate rights would ever be limited, whether you be in the majority or the minority.

But it will never happen. To think it will is living in a fantasy land. That’s because we don’t have the guts to make it happen. By force. The only way it ever can happen. We would have to openly rebel. But we don’t have the appetite for that kind of destruction. For blood.

And that is really unfortunate.

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