The Coming Fall

I haven’t yet read The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich by William Shirer but it’s at the top of my reading list. I want to prepare for what I hope is coming. Granted, not all the elements are perfectly aligned. Though certainly demented and possibly corrupt, depending on how you define the term, no one can honestly call Hitler an idiot, pervert or puppet.

Goebbels is a bit easier to pinpoint. We know exactly what he is and where, don’t we? So stop watching and reading them, including gatekeepers like Fox.

Our version of Himmler may be equally terrifying. I have an appointment with him in early March. I’ve decided not to replace my defibrillator when the time comes. There are worse ways to die than suddenly dropping dead and I miss being able to drink without worrying about sudden shocks. I also don’t want a constant GPS monitoring device in my chest.

I’ll take a hard pass on that vaccine while I’m at it. I’m sure that will go over equally well.

The thing I’ll be looking forward to most is the end. The end of the book, too.


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