Clicks Out

No blogroll on this site, it looks like. If I had known that, I probably wouldn’t have started this blog. I didn’t plan on having a big long line of links in a blogroll that looked like it went on forever, followed by two or three others of similar length. Maybe somewhere between twenty and thirty blogs at the very most would have been sufficient.

I’ll still be adding links to some of my blog posts but it’s still aggravating. I’m sure the main reason is to prevent people from linking to sites the Tech Masters and Deep State (and their media whores} would prefer people not patronize, reading views and opinions they can’t tolerate. So, rather than risk exposing readers to ideas and viewpoints our “rulers” (and make no mistake, that’s how they see themselves} do not agree with, they are left with two options.

They can tranquilize us with respect for the First Amendment much the way people in zoos toss fruit to gorillas. They know most people simply regurgitate what they’ve been fed, then suck it right back down. But there is that minority of us who don’t always act in an appreciative manner. Those of us who see through the darkness and can smell the bullshit from a mile away.

Given the opportunity, some of us vent out anger and frustration at the most inopportune times. During elections, for example. If we are allowed to congregate and associate with each other, either publicly or on-line, we might become a rabble. An unruly mob.

“Your people, sir, is a great beast,”

That wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg talking to Donald Trump before the 2020 election. That was James Madison near the turn of the nineteenth century taking to Thomas Jefferson. The only difference between the two was where Madison saw us a a ferocious animal in need of restraint, Jefferson saw us a means to power. Make no mistake. Even the Founding Fathers intended to fuck us one way or another. If you could ask them why, they would probably have said it was for the children.

Most of us have learned since those days to stay in our cages if we know what’s good for us. And even that is not always enough.

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